Time sat at the airport, waiting for their flight to be announced. It’s not like they were in a hurry. It was just that they had things to do, places to be.

Time boarded the flight, waiting for no one. They didn’t look back nor forward. They were happy to just be in the moment.

Other passengers grappled with barely cabin-sized bags, dragging them through the small gangways, and throwing them into the overhead bins. Many cursed at their loved ones for being slow, but Time just shook their head.

Time knew that it was impossible for anyone to run out of time. Time knew that no one had more or less time—it was all the same. But Time also knew that people never cared what Time had to say about time.

Time went back to their book, ignoring the kerfuffle around them when a little girl came to sit next to them. Time looked up and the girl smiled the sweetest smile they had ever seen. Time looked around, but there wasn’t an accompanying adult in sight.

Time started to feel odd… their heart quickening, their palms sweating. They didn’t like it at first.

‘It’s ok,’ the little girl told Time.

‘I don’t understand.’ Time couldn’t take their eyes off her.

‘You will understand, this is just the beginning. Take your time.’

Time laughed at that statement and found that their heart calmed. ‘Understand what, little girl?’

‘Understand what time feels like.’

‘But I am Time!’ they shouted.

‘Shh. It’s ok.’ She patted their hand. ‘That’s why I’m here.’

Time looked around the cabin and saw that everyone was quiet. Some were sleeping awkwardly, some were reading while others had headphones on.

We’ll be landing in 20 minutes. Please make sure that your tray tables are stowed and your seats are upright.

‘But we just took off…’

‘You’ve been on your own for too long. I’m here to keep you company now. We’ll help each other.’

Time looked at the little girl. She wasn’t little, she was an adult, as tall as them. But she still has the same smile. ‘Where are we going?’


‘Already? I… I just left February…’

‘It’s because you were on your own. I’m here now. It’ll be ok.’

Time nodded, thinking of all those months that they missed, all those unfulfilled destinies. ‘Who are you?’


Time finally understood. They reached out to hold her hand, happy to be led away, as they walked into September.

With love, time can show us what truly matters.

Reminder: Road to Guangdong releases on 28th August for PS4, XBox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam).

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