The Tug of the Moon

It’s Mid-Autumn Festival today and the full moon will be at its largest in the year. With this coinciding with my period, I feel everything more strongly than ever—emotional yo-yo, over sentimentality, rage, despair, no fucks given and everything in between—coursing through me.

So, why did I choose to write on such a day?

Writing truths is a difficult thing to do and when there is a right moment, I believe we always need to take it. Though I don’t always post these hot-blooded articles (no doubt you’ll find out soon whether this piece will get any air time), getting the words and thoughts down always helps.

Here’s a summary of my feelings today, as a way of sharing and opening up so that you may feel encouraged to do the same.

Sadness—I’ve been researching about ‘generationalism’ which truly highlights the near impossibility for generations to understand each other. I’m coming to a conclusion for myself that we don’t need to understand or accept each other and that what we need is to be brave, supportive and open, though it often feels like too difficult a thing to do.

Joy—There is so much beauty and goodness in this world, but why is it that we still get so touched by the smallest thing? I read this article about a moving obituary written by a brother and it gave me space to unload some negativity and find hope. Sometimes, I think we just want to know that humanity is alive and well around us.

Worry—My daughter woke up extra early this morning with a nightmare and it affected her entire morning (and mine, and my husband’s), up until a difficult school drop off. This filled me with worry, though I know there’s really nothing to be worried about. The only antidote to this is to see her smiling face when I pick her up later today.

Gratified—I’ve been thinking about my (lack of) freelance work recently and was reminded of how the universe does listen, when something popped into my inbox yesterday. Though small, it is reassuring. ♡

Fear—Having been buried deep in my own world in the last two years, I’m concerned that it might have cost me a very dear friendship or two. I truly hope this isn’t the case, but the discomfort eats away in me.

Excitement—The end of a project usually means (relief before) excitement, and the start of a new one, excitement (followed by determination). And I’m standing at the crossroads of both at the moment.

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So, with a mishmash of emotions, I sit here and drop some words to calm my spirit before plodding on with my day-as-usual.

Do you feel the tug of the moon too?

Tell me…

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